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I worked as an English teacher at Taishan Univeristy  from 2001 -2003. I consider those days to be among the happiest of my life. The  staff at TaishanUniversity are dedicated to  the well-being of their students but this also extends towards their overseas  teachers too. In particular, the English department considers the foreign  teachers 'one of the team' and it is incredibly easy to form good, professional  working relationships with everyone. The Dean in particular remains flexible and  cooperative in all aspects of teaching work and you will find he is a very  strong support throughout the teaching year. The students are active and  hardworking. They are very curious about their foreign teachers and also a lot  of fun! In fact, I enjoyed my teaching work at this university so much that I  decided to come back and work for them again at the beginning of 2008! The proof  of the pudding is in the eating!

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