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Teaching Vacancies in TaishanUniversity

Vacancy: 1  (English)  Position:  Teacher

Vacancy: 1  (Japanese) Position: Teacher

1. Education
: Bachelor, Master or Doctor.
2. Native speakers from U.K &  Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ
3. Preference of more than two years  teaching experience
4. Major: Education
, Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Business
5. Age: 22---65
6. Others: good  health and personality
Workload: 16 teaching hours/week
Courses: Oral  English
, Writing, Business English

Term of Contract:  One Year

1. Monthly Salary
 (RMB):4000 - 4500
2. Two-bedroom flat with two bedrooms , one kitchen ,  bathroom and living facilities,TV, fridge, air-conditioner, hot-water heater,  washing machine, telephone, etc.
3. Reimburse return air fare from and to  the applicant' country of origin after a one-year contract is fulfilled.  
(Maximum RMB8000)

Documents Required:

1. CV

2. Copy of passport

3. Certificate of final education

4. Letters of recommendation

5. Color photo

Contact us:   

Address: Foreign Affairs Office, Taishan University
        Tai'an, Shandong Province, P. R. China  271021

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